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Privacy Policy

You can always count on our privacy policy regarding your data

Our privacy policyis crystal clear about the security and integrity of your personal information. None other than you are allowed to access your personal data, neither our staff members. All your personal data is hidden from any outside intrusion.

Your personal credit card details

While transaction of money, it is our utmost priority to keep your personal information and credit card details hidden from everyone. Numerous security algorithms and up to date anti hacking softwaresare applied to save your transaction details and all of your personal data is deleted as soon as the transaction is completed.

Cache and Cookies

Cookies are stored on the servers, so that the amount of traffic can be configured. There sole purpose is to know who is visiting a specific website, when he/she is visiting, for how long and from where. That is the only way a site can maintain records of its users. They are never meant to harm or violate any of your personal information.

Personal details of users

Whenever you register with a new website, you always have to fill in some of your personal information. This personal information may include your email address, your date of birth or your address, but their sole purpose is to recognize your identity for your future use. No such information is demanded from you that can somehow harm you in the future.

Policy Revision

We at IrishEssays.com, hold the right to alter our policy if felt necessary to the flow of time. Our users are requested to frequently visit our policy page, avoiding any accidents In the future. You will always be informed through email about our policy change, but if somehow you don’t receive the email or delete it by mistake then our administration won’t be responsible for your loss. We are always open for suggestions from our clients so that we can improve our policy infrastructure.


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