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Learning multiple languages helps applicant in suitable job search

The dynamics of markets have totally changed in this day and age. Gone are the days when corporations used to require only locals to run their operations. Now companies want to grow and expand throughout the world for which they need employees with a multitude of skills and competencies, among which being multilingual is the most important one. The competition for jobs is immense and knowing multiple languages serves as a distinguishing characteristic of the individual.

If you are thinking that your good grades will earn you a job in a multinational company, think again. You will have to learn at least one foreign language while doing your degree. Nowadays, companies require individuals who are quick learners, as the nature of operation keeps on changing with time. The multilingual skills on your CV will be a major boost to earning you a job. It is normally very difficult for adults to learn new languages, which is why it would serve as your major strength as a fast learner. It would show that you have a great sense of attention, as avoiding distractions in the workplace is the key to concentrate on the completion of the task.

As companies require individuals with multi tasking abilities, having knowledge of foreign language gives you an upper hand in this category too. Many researches have shown that bilingual people are the best at multitasking, as their brain is more flexible to new things. It would also show that you have a great memory: learning a new language requires a great deal of memorizing ability and corporations prefer people with good memory. It gives you an opportunity to know about the culture of other countries: to better handle foreign customers, you need to have a vast knowledge about their tastes and preferences, which is beneficial in the sales job. As customers are more comfortable speaking in their local language, when you speak to them in their language, they would be more easily convinced.

Being bilingual helps in problem solving: person becomes sharper, smarter and the brain activity increases according to research. It would show that you have the ability to read between the lines, and can manage difficult tasks. Due to globalization, operations of most companies are worldwide, so you could get a chance to be relocated to a foreign country such as the best assignment service in Ireland and you would be considered as an important asset for the company. You would be having increased chances of getting promoted to higher managerial roles as well.


There may be many guidelines for good resume writing, but being multilingual is one of the most important skills which you must have to be able to write on your resume as discussed in the article.


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