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How to write stuff that makes people saw wow!

The right attitude

Writing is a skill that is invaluable in every walk of life. A person who aims to be an expressive individual must learn the art of expressing themselves efficiently in words on paper. Therefore, a person who understands the importance of writing and is enthusiastic about polishing their writing skills is the one who has the right attitude for someone who wants to be expressive.


The first step one has to take if they want to write stuff that makes people stop and say wow is to become a voracious reader. An individual who reads a lot is an individual with the potential to write excellently. It is important to read quality writing. Read the works of great writers of every era. Also read critical analyses of the writings of great writers. They will help you to understand what is it that makes excellent writings excellent. Reading what’s mentioned above helps to comprehend how language works and builds up vocabulary.

Next steps

It is important to get a mentor who can guide you through the learning process. You may enroll in a course, attend lectures or workshops to improve writing skills, or get someone who can supervise you and guide you through the process of learning. Write your own critical analyses of writings and literature and get your mentor to check them. Also, get your own writings checked by your mentor and get their advice to improve your writing skills.

Practice as much as you can. If you are someone who goes to people saying- Can you write my essay for me, try writing it yourself.

Some do’s and Don’ts

A few other things you must keep in mind if you want to write stuff that impresses people is to be unpredictable. Avoid clichés in your writing. Use a variety of sentences. Do not use only complex or only simple sentences. Also, vary the length of your sentences. You will understand, as you read other authors, that the size of the sentences is used to create different effects. It changes the pace of the writing. For example, if a scene in a story has fast paced action, the writer may use very short sentences to give that effect. Use different figures of speech to add variety to your writing and make it interesting. Strictly avoid changing the tense during writing. And last of all, the most important thing to do is, again, read!


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