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How to Write a Detailed Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is very similar to a traditional bibliography. It is also an organized list of the resources that you make use of when writing a paper just like a normal bibliography. It is also done in an alphabetical order. The only difference between the two is that in an annotated bibliography, there are explanations of the sources that you have used beneath each listing offering detailed information. The description can be a single sentence or a paragraph but it cannot exceed 150 words. Its motive is to inform the reader of the content of your source and how relevant it is to your work. It also tells the reader how accurate the source is, lets them know about the quality of it as well. It also indicates the strength and weakness of your citation. An annotation evaluates the source as best as it could by keeping it concise and to the point.

Annotated bibliographies are usually included research paper in ireland. So how do you really write one? I will go on and explain that to you right away! To write an annotated bibliography you need various sets of skills which can be good library skills, summarizing skills and fast research skills. First of all you need to find the proper resources that are relevant to your work. These could include books, magazines, webpages etc. it all depends on what you are working on. Now take notes on all these resources. This prepares you to write your annotations. Determine what useful factors in the information are and highlight those.

You need to decide whether to make use of the full text or just parts of it, depending on the relevance of each source. Compare and contrast between different sources to provide a better understanding to your reader about why you chose this source in particular. Now you can create a list of all these sources using the required style which can be MLA, APA, or Chicago style. The list should be in alphabetical order as mentioned above and should be in a chronological style. It should be arranged included to the subtopics, format (articles, books, movies etc.) and language. It should always be written in third person and you should use the wordings and the language of the author as much as you can so that you can explain well what he’s trying to say without going off topic. Make use of full sentences and simple phrases which aren’t hard to decipher.


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