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How technology is playing an important role in education?

Technology has made life easier and comfortable. It has revolutionized every field of life including communication, entertainment, health, industry, etc. It has a great impact on people’s lives. Saying this will not be wrong that no work can be done without technology. It has become an essential part of our life without which we cannot live or work.

 Role of Technology:

Like many other fields, technology is playing a great role in improving and developing education. It has introduced a new mode of education, provided a great source of information and communication and has also made learning easy. Find more about the role of technology in education below:

 Online Education:

The biggest role that technology has played in the field of education is that it has introduced a new, better and more improved mode of education that is online education. It is sometimes also called distance education. Online education allows people to complete their studies from the comforts of their home. They can easily get a degree at their home without going anywhere. They just need an internet connection and admission in one of the online institutes. This mode education is best for those who have to fulfill other responsibilities along with their studies, like part time jobs, household chores, etc. Online education is easily accessible, affordable and provides a freedom of choice. This is why; it is considered the best alternative to traditional educational system. It is assumed that it will be the most preferred way of education in the coming years.

Internet- source of information and communication:

The internet is one of the biggest inventions of technology. It is playing an important role in education. It is an amazing source of information and communication. Students can find out information about anything on the internet. They can make notes, essays and assignments by using information available online. They can also communicate with their friends and family no matter in which part of the world they live. They can share information and transfer files and documents with them. They can also submit their academic papers to their teachers online.

 Improved learning:

Technology has made learning easy and improved for students. There are a number of electronic tools that helps students to learn things quickly and easily like projectors and computers, etc. Students can now get video lectures and tutorials which help them in improving their learning abilities.

With the advent of globalization, technology has become one of the essential and highlighted consequences of the process. With its start, it has startled the beings to a maximum level and, therefore, technology has become an integral part of our daily human life. From everyday matters to education, technology has taken over and has more benefits and advantages as compared to the disadvantages. Educators and many institutes have encouraged the use of technology as a part of the learning process. The old methods of lecture delivery have been replaced by projectors, multimedia and other audio and visual aid elements. This new approach has made the students more interested in education and the results and consequences are very well acknowledged. It is also known as the way of improved learning, as new technological gadgets and apparatus are taking over and enabling the students to indulge in constructive and productive results. Apart from that, students are taught computer as a subject and are allowed to get acquainted with it and the use of the internet as well.



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