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Four types of students you will find in your classrooms

From time to time, as classes and academic level changes and new term takes over the old ones students themselves and teachers come across all kinds of different classmates. In some academic term, there may be a batch of students where everyone comes off as a genius, they all look well taught and well mannered, disciplined as well as interested to learn while in other terms, teachers may come across students who are completely opposite. In the middle of different terms, it is not possible to predict or forecast the behaviors that one can see among different students.

However, regardless of the variations in these students there are certain factors or we can traits that are more or less similar in all types of students. Throughout the different academic terms, one can come across as many as four to eight types of different student behaviors that can affect the overall settings and discipline of the classroom in both negative and positive manner. Today’s academic blog will be talking about four types of students that you can find in your classrooms of the modern day education.

The discussion oriented student

This category of students can either be very productive or can be completely vague and out of topic. Depends on the type of students you get, the discussion oriented student category usually has students who like to talk a lot. These are the ones who will keep the interaction level of your class very high, it is very easy for them to get distracted and go completely off the topic, if the discussion becomes heavy. Sometimes if the argument and discussion is productive, these students can really keep your class active and promote good enhanced learning. Managing these students to ensure they are on topic and understanding the course is very important.

The attention seeking students

These are your problematic areas within the class. These students like to frustrate their teachers by doing things to get the attention of the class and teacher on them. You will usually find them distracting others sitting around, uselessly trying to participate within the lecture, being late in class or leaving class in the middle of the lecture. Attention seeking students usually do not have any interest in learning anything related to the course as their whole objective and concentration is to find ways to seek all the attention on them.

The lost students

These are your students who are a complete misfit in the course. They do not understand a single word of what is going around and are completely lost and confused. Usually you will see them sitting really quietly somewhere in the corner without any expressions or demanding for academic help, if they are asked something they will not be able to respond in the right manner.

The smart students

Smart students are usually the ones who make you proud and give you the satisfaction of delivering good lectures. They are the ones who will actively listen to you and would want to learn more from you. They will have timely assignments and good contribution in class without making a fuss out of anything.

Being a good teacher, understand the needs of students and treat them accordingly. Give more attention to those who find problems in understanding the lectures. Use different techniques to make lectures easier and understandable for them. Make groups having all types of students, assign tasks and ask them to complete these tasks together.


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