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De-stress Yourself During Exams

After continuous and prolonged hours of boring and monotonous lectures, you finally get the dates for your final examinations. They are just near the corner and as the clock ticks, so is your anxiety. You become more anxious and apprehensive than ever before and wonder whether you will pass or conveniently flunk in subjects. Given all your distraction and interventions, you conclude and reckon that the chances to be successful and get an A in the exams are quite low! Some students, after inferring this, lock themselves in their rooms, with a full on diet plan and sleep with their books on the bed! Regardless of the passion and enthusiasm to pass with flying colors as seen in some students is appreciable and acknowledgeable, but this is not at all a sensible and a mature approach. There is no positive and clear-cut benefit and advantage of studying too much and ultimately taking all the pressure. In fact, it makes the situation even more and makes the students sick an unwell right before the examinations. So, the proper way to ace exams is to relax and initiate with a deep breath. You can achieve the same results and consequences by de-stressing yourself and allowing you to be more tranquil, mentally. Such a reposing approach will enable you to be more thoughtful and will leave no space for stress in your mind. So, rather than being chaotic and panicking, it is essential that you put on your gear of academic thinking and intellectual elements, at the very start. The whole point is to make sure that students are centered far away from stress and tensions, academically, which can actually halt their abilities to study and learn for their exams.

Do not be a procrastinator

As the days go by, the pressure is enhanced and starts to build up. The day you have been given your date sheet or the timetable for your exams, sensible students will start studying from the very day and organize themselves. Where to start? Is the study’s most frequently asked question. The answer to this is to initiate by planning; organize yourself as well as your mind and your notes so that you can have a proper trajectory and a path to success.

Avoid distractions

Doing homework and preparing for assignment in front of the TV and while listening to music is a different scenario, but preparing for exams in front of such setting, is technically a bad idea! Avoid TV, technology and other gadgets that take up your time and create interventions within your mind. Sit in isolation as it is just a matter of a few days!

Dedication and commitment

You need to be mentally strong and robust; you need to tell yourself that it is just a matter of few days and studies need your full attention as well as your dedication. Make sure you avoid personal contact, social hangouts or technologically related activities, which can divert your mind in a direction where it might become difficult to come out. Indulge and participate in class help as it can create and strengthen the bond among the class fellows as well as make you prepared for the exam collectively.

Seek assistance

There is no harm in contacting and getting in touch with your teachers and professors during the exam holidays or leaves. Some teachers do encourage and motivate students to seek them if they are having difficulty during revising or studying for the exam. Also, involve your parents, if you are unable to grasp a concept, do talk to them and they can also be a source of credible knowledge for you.


The period of exam can actually be quite stressful with a lot of tight schedules. You might have plenty to do, but unable to cope up with the scenario. Do not panic as it is not impossible! Take help from your elders and make sure to submit everything on time so that you have plenty of time to study and revise for the exam day.


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