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Four types of students you will find in your classrooms

From time to time, as classes and academic level changes and new term takes over the old ones students themselves and teachers come across all kinds of different classmates. In some academic term, there may be a batch of students where everyone comes off as a genius, they all look well taught and well mannered, disciplined as well as interested to learn while in other terms, teachers may come across students who are completely opposite. In the middle of different terms, it is not possible to predict or forecast the behaviors that one can see among different students.

However, regardless of the variations in these students there are certain factors or we can traits that are more or less similar in all types of students. Throughout the different academic terms, one can come across as many as four to eight types of different student behaviors that can affect the overall settings and discipline of the classroom in both negative and positive manner. Today’s academic blog will be talking about four types of students that you can find in your classrooms of the modern day education.

The discussion oriented student

This category of students can either be very productive or can be completely vague and out of topic. Depends on the type of students you get, the discussion oriented student category usually has students who like to talk a lot. These are the ones who will keep the interaction level of your class very high, it is very easy for them to get distracted and go completely off the topic, if the discussion becomes heavy. Sometimes if the argument and discussion is productive, these students can really keep your class active and promote good enhanced learning. Managing these students to ensure they are on topic and understanding the course is very important.

The attention seeking students

These are your problematic areas within the class. These students like to frustrate their teachers by doing things to get the attention of the class and teacher on them. You will usually find them distracting others sitting around, uselessly trying to participate within the lecture, being late in class or leaving class in the middle of the lecture. Attention seeking students usually do not have any interest in learning anything related to the course as their whole objective and concentration is to find ways to seek all the attention on them.

The lost students

These are your students who are a complete misfit in the course. They do not understand a single word of what is going around and are completely lost and confused. Usually you will see them sitting really quietly somewhere in the corner without any expressions or demanding for academic help, if they are asked something they will not be able to respond in the right manner.

The smart students

Smart students are usually the ones who make you proud and give you the satisfaction of delivering good lectures. They are the ones who will actively listen to you and would want to learn more from you. They will have timely assignments and good contribution in class without making a fuss out of anything.

Being a good teacher, understand the needs of students and treat them accordingly. Give more attention to those who find problems in understanding the lectures. Use different techniques to make lectures easier and understandable for them. Make groups having all types of students, assign tasks and ask them to complete these tasks together.

De-stress Yourself During Exams

After continuous and prolonged hours of boring and monotonous lectures, you finally get the dates for your final examinations. They are just near the corner and as the clock ticks, so is your anxiety. You become more anxious and apprehensive than ever before and wonder whether you will pass or conveniently flunk in subjects. Given all your distraction and interventions, you conclude and reckon that the chances to be successful and get an A in the exams are quite low! Some students, after inferring this, lock themselves in their rooms, with a full on diet plan and sleep with their books on the bed! Regardless of the passion and enthusiasm to pass with flying colors as seen in some students is appreciable and acknowledgeable, but this is not at all a sensible and a mature approach. There is no positive and clear-cut benefit and advantage of studying too much and ultimately taking all the pressure. In fact, it makes the situation even more and makes the students sick an unwell right before the examinations. So, the proper way to ace exams is to relax and initiate with a deep breath. You can achieve the same results and consequences by de-stressing yourself and allowing you to be more tranquil, mentally. Such a reposing approach will enable you to be more thoughtful and will leave no space for stress in your mind. So, rather than being chaotic and panicking, it is essential that you put on your gear of academic thinking and intellectual elements, at the very start. The whole point is to make sure that students are centered far away from stress and tensions, academically, which can actually halt their abilities to study and learn for their exams.

Do not be a procrastinator

As the days go by, the pressure is enhanced and starts to build up. The day you have been given your date sheet or the timetable for your exams, sensible students will start studying from the very day and organize themselves. Where to start? Is the study’s most frequently asked question. The answer to this is to initiate by planning; organize yourself as well as your mind and your notes so that you can have a proper trajectory and a path to success.

Avoid distractions

Doing homework and preparing for assignment in front of the TV and while listening to music is a different scenario, but preparing for exams in front of such setting, is technically a bad idea! Avoid TV, technology and other gadgets that take up your time and create interventions within your mind. Sit in isolation as it is just a matter of a few days!

Dedication and commitment

You need to be mentally strong and robust; you need to tell yourself that it is just a matter of few days and studies need your full attention as well as your dedication. Make sure you avoid personal contact, social hangouts or technologically related activities, which can divert your mind in a direction where it might become difficult to come out. Indulge and participate in class help as it can create and strengthen the bond among the class fellows as well as make you prepared for the exam collectively.

Seek assistance

There is no harm in contacting and getting in touch with your teachers and professors during the exam holidays or leaves. Some teachers do encourage and motivate students to seek them if they are having difficulty during revising or studying for the exam. Also, involve your parents, if you are unable to grasp a concept, do talk to them and they can also be a source of credible knowledge for you.


The period of exam can actually be quite stressful with a lot of tight schedules. You might have plenty to do, but unable to cope up with the scenario. Do not panic as it is not impossible! Take help from your elders and make sure to submit everything on time so that you have plenty of time to study and revise for the exam day.

How technology is playing an important role in education?

Technology has made life easier and comfortable. It has revolutionized every field of life including communication, entertainment, health, industry, etc. It has a great impact on people’s lives. Saying this will not be wrong that no work can be done without technology. It has become an essential part of our life without which we cannot live or work.

 Role of Technology:

Like many other fields, technology is playing a great role in improving and developing education. It has introduced a new mode of education, provided a great source of information and communication and has also made learning easy. Find more about the role of technology in education below:

 Online Education:

The biggest role that technology has played in the field of education is that it has introduced a new, better and more improved mode of education that is online education. It is sometimes also called distance education. Online education allows people to complete their studies from the comforts of their home. They can easily get a degree at their home without going anywhere. They just need an internet connection and admission in one of the online institutes. This mode education is best for those who have to fulfill other responsibilities along with their studies, like part time jobs, household chores, etc. Online education is easily accessible, affordable and provides a freedom of choice. This is why; it is considered the best alternative to traditional educational system. It is assumed that it will be the most preferred way of education in the coming years.

Internet- source of information and communication:

The internet is one of the biggest inventions of technology. It is playing an important role in education. It is an amazing source of information and communication. Students can find out information about anything on the internet. They can make notes, essays and assignments by using information available online. They can also communicate with their friends and family no matter in which part of the world they live. They can share information and transfer files and documents with them. They can also submit their academic papers to their teachers online.

 Improved learning:

Technology has made learning easy and improved for students. There are a number of electronic tools that helps students to learn things quickly and easily like projectors and computers, etc. Students can now get video lectures and tutorials which help them in improving their learning abilities.

With the advent of globalization, technology has become one of the essential and highlighted consequences of the process. With its start, it has startled the beings to a maximum level and, therefore, technology has become an integral part of our daily human life. From everyday matters to education, technology has taken over and has more benefits and advantages as compared to the disadvantages. Educators and many institutes have encouraged the use of technology as a part of the learning process. The old methods of lecture delivery have been replaced by projectors, multimedia and other audio and visual aid elements. This new approach has made the students more interested in education and the results and consequences are very well acknowledged. It is also known as the way of improved learning, as new technological gadgets and apparatus are taking over and enabling the students to indulge in constructive and productive results. Apart from that, students are taught computer as a subject and are allowed to get acquainted with it and the use of the internet as well.


What you must know about the vocational education?

What vocational learning is?

Vocational learning is actually a type of learning in which students learn about different careers, crafts or trade through manual and practical activities. It does not involve academic education. Students are given hands-on experience and internships during their program duration which helps them in preparing for their respective fields. It is completely different from traditional education.

 What is the purpose of vocational learning?

Vocational learning provides an opportunity to students to learn or get experience in the fields they are interested to set their career and get a quick and good job. These programs are limited to specific fields like crafts, trade etc. The time duration of these vocational programs is short because of which students get to complete their education quickly and start their professional career. In traditional educational system, students need to study for four years and after that they still get a trainee’sjob but in vocational education, they get hands-on experience because of which they quickly start their career after completing their program.

 How it is different from traditional education?

As stated earlier, vocational education highly depends on practical learning unlike traditional education that is highly based on books, manuals, information and academic learning. We can simply differentiate vocational learning as non-academic and traditional education as academic. Another thing that differentiates vocational learning from traditional education is that it involves a short time period for its completion that is maximum two years for a program. Students who want to specialize in their field can extend their period to more nine to twelve months. In traditional educational system, students need to spend four years for completing their bachelors and then two to three more years for earning a master’s degree.

 How to choose a good vocational school?

There are a number of vocational schools that offer programs at a reasonable fee, but not all of them are authorized. So, you need to choose a school wisely and carefully. The best way to find a good school is to make a thorough research about them. Get complete details about their programs and fee structure. List all the schools along with their information and then shortlist some of them that you find better. After that, try to contact these schools’ students so that you can get a more clear idea about their education standards and quality. After that, make your decision.

Vocational activities are really helpful for students as they engage the students in multiple aspects and fields and bring about creativity and innovation from them. They allow the students to attain jobs and professions and train them according to their particularities. The best advantage students receive from this is the experience. Students can easily initiate their professional life after receiving this education. This is for a very short period of time and that is why every student can gain this knowledge and expertise. It is different and unique as it does not inculcate the use of books and notepads rather it is a trend setter and has created a new stance for students in terms of academics. So make sure you choose an accurate vocational school as students can enhance their expertise and talents by indulging themselves in this valuable education dynamic. One of the shortfalls is that it is expensive, so make sure to choose and select that option which suits and cater to your needs.

A Five paragraph quality essay

Writing a modern or a classic essay means more or less the same thing. As the academia evolves and grows into different genres, the concept of writing and assignments also seem to change and begin to affect the way students approach their writing and the methodology they develop to tackle a particular assignment at hand. There can be many various ways through which one can attempt to solve the assignment of writing an essay. To understand this, consider the question of what exactly is an essay? Well, to simplify the matter an essay is a general description or argument about a topic or a particular subject based on research and one’s own analysis. It has different sections and each section is particularly important to its overall definition and quality.

Essay writing is the kind of assignment that has been coming on and about since the old day and age. One can attempt to write any kind of essay, the quality depends on how well the argument is presented and described. Usually students when they are first taught to write different kinds of essays are asked to present what they call is a five paragraph essay. A five paragraph essay is the classic way of structuring and organizing a lengthy writing piece into a five different paragraph form, also known as the funnel structure. Today, we will be talking about five important sections in that essay which could impact the quality of it.

The introduction

Just like you would be asked to introduce yourself to people you do not know. Similarly, an essay also needs a bit of introduction to make readers understand about what is being said here. You can start your introduction with a general writing pieces catering to the background of your topic and then leading to a very specific, kind of a main statement which forms the foundations of your overall discussion in the later part.

Main Body

The main body of a five paragraph essay, usually has three different paragraphs doing their job respectively. Each paragraph will have a clear objective or a min-topic to talk about, allowing the readers perfect clarity on different angles of the subject. To easily counter this part, divide your essay into different sections which will easily allow you to write those three paragraphs

Conclusive paragraph

The final paragraph of your essay, which is also the fifth one is also called the conclusion. As the name suggests here you would come to close down your topic by narrowing down your agenda and making the final analysis as part of your essay.


Transitioning between one paragraph to another is the most crucial part of a five paragraph essay. Since there are many paragraphs within the essay, there has to be properly connected transitioning topics between the two paragraphs to allow readers a smooth transition from one paragraph to the next. You can make this your strong point, after finishing the first draft of your essay and moving to the next.

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Writing a research paper is easier than you think

It is in the human nature to procrastinate for as long as possible and this behavior is guaranteed to cause a lot of damage. If students adopt this habit, then it can be disastrous. Thanks to advances in technology, there are many gadgets which didn’t exist just a few years ago and while these devices can be helpful, they are also the reason most people especially students waste a lot of time. As students already have limited time, so the time that should be actually spent on studying and doing assignments is usually spent on the internet resulting in a colossal waste.

write my research papers

This is the reason why the students today try to find ways to get someone else to do their assignments or write their research paper. While it is true that writing a research paper can be a daunting task, it is also true that having someone else do it is of no use at all. The only reason students fear taking on something like a research paper is because they don’t know the basic steps that can help them a lot with the whole task. Being unaware of these helpful steps, they are always asking the question- Where can I find someone to write my research paper? You can say goodbye to questions like these, if you follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The first step in writing a research paper is coming up with a topic. This may seem easy enough, but in reality this can give students some serious trouble. The topic for a research paper needs to be unique and it needs to be something you like. The best way to decide on a topic is to rack your brain for all the things you love and make a list. Then you can choose the most interesting topic on that list. You can also ask your teachers or some other elder for ideas.
  • The next step is to do your research. You need to hit every source of information you can think of-the internet, library, scientific journals, etc. The stronger your research, the easier it will be for you to write your paper. Just make sure that whatever you look up is authentic data.
  • The final step is writing your research paper. Just like an essay, it has three parts: the intro, the body paragraphs and the conclusion. Make your point in the body paragraph and then write your conclusion at the end. It should represent your take on all the data that you went through.