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Author: Alice john

De-stress Yourself During Exams

After continuous and prolonged hours of boring and monotonous lectures, you finally get the dates for your final examinations. They are just near the corner and as the clock ticks, so is your anxiety. You become more anxious and apprehensive than ever before and wonder whether you will pass or

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What you must know about the vocational education?

What vocational learning is? Vocational learning is actually a type of learning in which students learn about different careers, crafts or trade through manual and practical activities. It does not involve academic education. Students are given hands-on experience and internships during their program duration which helps them in preparing for their

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A Five paragraph quality essay

Writing a modern or a classic essay means more or less the same thing. As the academia evolves and grows into different genres, the concept of writing and assignments also seem to change and begin to affect the way students approach their writing and the methodology they develop to tackle

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What you need to do to improve your MBA?

The education system has changed quite drastically over the years; while there used to be a well-defined course and institutes used to stick to, now there is no such thing. That is because the fields of jobs in the practical world are evolving so fast that there can’t really be

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Resume and self-reflection: Tools for getting a job interview

Finding the right job which matches the expertise and skills of individuals has become extremely difficult in this competitive world. The millennial society is under the intense pressure of competition so that they can land a job which they desire. This requires understanding the employer’s perspective so that their resume

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4 secret ways to buying top quality research papers

Research papers are one of the most daunting tasks during your academic term. Whether it’s a college or university, doing a research assignment for most students is always a hazard. Since it is not completely a writing assignment, so it takes more energy for students to think as well as

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