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A Five paragraph quality essay

Writing a modern or a classic essay means more or less the same thing. As the academia evolves and grows into different genres, the concept of writing and assignments also seem to change and begin to affect the way students approach their writing and the methodology they develop to tackle a particular assignment at hand. There can be many various ways through which one can attempt to solve the assignment of writing an essay. To understand this, consider the question of what exactly is an essay? Well, to simplify the matter an essay is a general description or argument about a topic or a particular subject based on research and one’s own analysis. It has different sections and each section is particularly important to its overall definition and quality.

Essay writing is the kind of assignment that has been coming on and about since the old day and age. One can attempt to write any kind of essay, the quality depends on how well the argument is presented and described. Usually students when they are first taught to write different kinds of essays are asked to present what they call is a five paragraph essay. A five paragraph essay is the classic way of structuring and organizing a lengthy writing piece into a five different paragraph form, also known as the funnel structure. Today, we will be talking about five important sections in that essay which could impact the quality of it.

The introduction

Just like you would be asked to introduce yourself to people you do not know. Similarly, an essay also needs a bit of introduction to make readers understand about what is being said here. You can start your introduction with a general writing pieces catering to the background of your topic and then leading to a very specific, kind of a main statement which forms the foundations of your overall discussion in the later part.

Main Body

The main body of a five paragraph essay, usually has three different paragraphs doing their job respectively. Each paragraph will have a clear objective or a min-topic to talk about, allowing the readers perfect clarity on different angles of the subject. To easily counter this part, divide your essay into different sections which will easily allow you to write those three paragraphs

Conclusive paragraph

The final paragraph of your essay, which is also the fifth one is also called the conclusion. As the name suggests here you would come to close down your topic by narrowing down your agenda and making the final analysis as part of your essay.


Transitioning between one paragraph to another is the most crucial part of a five paragraph essay. Since there are many paragraphs within the essay, there has to be properly connected transitioning topics between the two paragraphs to allow readers a smooth transition from one paragraph to the next. You can make this your strong point, after finishing the first draft of your essay and moving to the next.


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